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Oct 23
Oct 26

Fundamentals of Purchasing and Sourcing Strategies

Fundamentals of Purchasing and Sources

Oct 26

Capacity Planning Management, and Advanced Scheduling

Capacity Planning and Advanced Scheduling

Oct 27

Inventory Replenishment, and management techniques and performance

Inventory Management Techniques and Performance

Oct 28

Lean Inventory and Production Management

Lean Production and Inventory Management

Oct 28

October 2020 New Member Orientation

Monthly New Member Orientation
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Nov 6

Aggregate Planning, and Master Scheduling Foundations

Aggregated Planning and Master Schedule Foundations
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Nov 10

Planning Foundations and Forecasting

Forecasting and Planning Foundations
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Nov 11

Warehouse & Transportation Management

Warehouse & Transportation Management Foundations
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Welcome to the APICS Triangle Chapter 

12th largest APICS Chapter in North America
Live Virtual & Instructor-Led Classroom Training 


Last Call - Please register by Thursday, 22 October  

All classes consist of weekly webinars of 3-hours each)


  • 23 Oct: Inventory Management & Purposes & Functions of Inventory  

  • 26 Oct: Fundamentals of Purchasing & Sourcing Strategies 

  • 27 Oct: Inventory Replenishment & Management Techniques & Performance

  • 28 Oct: Lean Inventory& Production Management


Thursday sessions, 10#0a - 1:30p, 13-sessions 


  • 29 Oct: APICS CSCP Live-Virtual Exam Prep Course


All courses are presented as Live Virtual Online Courses due to Covid-19 restrictions

“Short Courses” - 6 hours of live virtual training (Two 3 hour sessions, one week apart)

Ten courses to select from - check out the course listings below on the page. 

These are “live-virtual” instructor-led courses taught by our APICS Master Instructors.

Regardless of where you live or work, you can enroll in these virtual webinar courses. So, please do so.   

Pricing is the most affordable in North America:

    • ASCM/APICS Members: $129
    • Non-Members: $139
    • Group Discounts 
        • for 5 - 9 attendees from some company: -10% off
        • for ten or more attendees from the same company: -15% off

For GROUP DISCOUNTS, please contact me, Jeffrey McDaniels, Triangle Chapter President.



Please click on the class, of your choice, to be linked to the class event and registration form. 



Dates held

Register by clicking the link below

Series 1

A. Fundamentals of Inventory Management
B. Purpose and Function of Inventory

Oct 23 & Oct 30

Series 1

Series 2

A. Inventory Replenishment Management
B. Inventory Management Techniques and Inventory Performance

Oct 27 & Nov 3

 Series 2

Series 3

A. Fundamentals of Purchasing
B. Sourcing Strategies

Oct 26 & Nov 2

Series 3 

Series 4

A. Aggregate Operations Planning
B. Master Scheduling Foundations

Nov 6 & Nov 13

Series 4 

Series 5

A. Planning Foundations
B. Forecasting

Nov 10 & Nov 17

 Series 5

Series 6

A. Demand Management
B. Sales & Operations Planning

Nov 12 & Nov 19

 Series 6

Series 7

A. Warehouse Management
B. Transportation Management

Nov 11 & 18

 Series 7

Series 8

A. Capacity Planning and Management
B. Advanced Scheduling

Oct 26 & Nov 2

Series 8 

Series 9

A. Lean Inventory – Theory and Practice B. Lean Production Management

Oct 28 & Nov 4

 Series 9

Series 10

A. Basics of Material Requirement Planning
B. Managing with MRP

Nov 24 – Dec 1

 Series 10


Join us for one, two, or more of our supply chain management "short courses".  Or, bring your entire Team.  We can also offer these courses in a Group Training Session - as an in-company course. For additional information, contact Suren, VP of Education


Employers prefer it. Professionals who earn it perform at a higher level. The APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) designation empowers professionals with the ability to understand and evaluate production and inventory activities within a company’s global operations. For decades, the CPIM program has delivered value in the careers of those who’ve earned it, and higher performance in companies that employ APICS certification designees. In fact, more than 112,000 professionals have earned the CPIM designation since 1973.

Next class starts: October 7, 2020 - Wednesdays, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm, for six sessions.  Please register for the class by October 2, 2020.       The course has started and underway - so if you missed this course, check out the one below. 

Following Class Start: October 17, 2020 - Saturday morning class, 9 am-Noon.  Please register for the class by October 12, 2020. 

"CLICK HERE", for more information


Validate your ability to lead 

Supply chains drive growth and are proving to be the central nervous system of a business. Good leaders are key to ensuring the supply chain organization is performing at its peak and contributing to the health of the business. The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certification program helps professionals demonstrate essential knowledge and organizational skills for developing more streamlined operations. Designees demonstrate mastery of supply chain management best practices and are distinguished as industry experts with specialized, high-level knowledge and skills.

Next courses start dates: October 13, 2020, Tuesdays, 9:30a-12:30p, 13 Tuesday sessions, or October 17, 2020, Saturday, 9 am-noon, 13 Saturday sessions.   Please register for the course at least one week prior to the course start. 

"CLICK HERE", for more information


The APICS CLTD program addresses the market need for additional training, knowledge, and expertise in the expanding field of logistics and transportation. Developed in tandem with subject matter experts, the new certification will set the global standard for logistics best practices and aims to elevate knowledge and skills in logistics, transportation, and distribution practitioners. The APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution designation will equip individuals and teams with the essential knowledge to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve recognition as a logistics expert. 

Upoming classes: October 22, CLTD Directed Self-Study with Instructor Support,  6pm - 7 pm. Please register for the course at least one week ahead of class start. 

"CLICK HERE", for more information

Supply Chain Management Training Tailored to Your Organizational Needs

Build top-performing teams and improve business performance with APICS and our performance-driven learning programs. These programs are centered around our best-in-class APICS credentials: CPIM, CSCP, CLTD, and taught by our APICS Recognized Master & Lead Instructors.  

Let us gain an understanding of your needs and challenges so that we can recommend a course of study for your Team. In-Company face-to-face and virtual courses receive a significant group price discount, plus you decide on the time of day for your classes.  

Ready to get started or for more information? Contact Suren, VP of Education or Jeffrey, Chapter President.



Welcome New APICS Triangle Chapter Members - Sep 2020


Karen Brantley
Manuel Centeno
Nagarjuna Reddy Chintakunta
Sam Gapinski
Greg Gmyr
Courtney McKim
Joseph Pennington

A membership that counts.

Membership means more when it's engaging, hands-on, and has ties to your community.  APICS Triangle Chapter is your local APICS designation connection; offering accessible, personalized education and career development along with a strong local network of supply chain peers.  To members and customers, we deliver a variety of services including live virtual training, instructor-led certification review classes, on-site training for organizations, certification group study, and testing opportunities, and location-specific seminars and workshops. 

For additional information, take a trip around our website, and contact Bob, VP of Membership